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Is Brisbane the next Sydney?

Another great rivalry is shaping up as focus shifts from Sydney to other states.
there is no property market in Australia…on on an ongoing basis. The fact that Sydney property surged ahead at such a pace for so long is r… even though it is part of the normal property prices cycle. As the focus shifts from Sy

Sydney and Melbourne rate highly in 2015 global cities report!

Two Australian cities are at the top of the Knight Frank's Prime Global Cities Index Report.
Around the world prime property prices only increased 1.9… taking advantage of buying a prime property in these ideal conditions…property

Would your home be a good investment property?

One of the most frequent topics we are approached with is from owner-occupiers who are considering renting out the family home.
How old is the property Part of the benefit of owning an investment property is the financial gain related to the depreci…built property for any of the above reasons other than job

Property managers and the value they add

A good property manger is invaluable and they can really take the burden off the investor. The work performed by your property manager is well worth the management fees you are paying.
A good property manager can be invaluable… Here are just a few of the many ways a Property Manager adds value…agging behind competing properties then your property manager should let you know and give you the

Stamp Duty: is it just a 'Cash Grab' ?

Read Philippe's latest interview by Your Investment Property Magazine on this important issue.
The Property Council of Australia …

When to increase the rent?

When is it time to increase the rent on your investment property and what affects this decision?
flow over the long term when they make their property investment decisions. It is usually the case…s vital that you check with your property manager…quence is that you lose your tenants and the property is vacant for two weeks

How long is the typical home owned before being sold?

The trend towards homes being held for longer is evident across each individual capital city. High entry and exit costs of a home no doubt play a large role in homes being more tightly held. RP Data's attached article shows us where and for how long in ea…

Australia leads in home ownership stakes

Home ownership truly is the ‘great Australian dream’, with home ownership rates in Australia among the highest in the developed world.

Should landlords accept pets as tenants?

Should you or shouldn't you? Is there a benefit to having tenants with pets?
decision to allow pets into your investment property is important … why should you allow pets onto your property are hunting for the rare property that will allow their furry friends to stay

Sydney Inner West: The vagaries of property development

A five-storey block of units has been built alongside an existing single-level home – with an adjoining wall, no less!
detached property wanted to sell…t want to have his property attached to a multi… Research is essential. When buying a property for long

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