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"Why being an optimist is better for your finances"

Over the weekend I read a great article in the Australian Financial Review...

Did you know?

An interesting statistic regarding poker machines...

Should landlords accept pets as tenants?

Should you or shouldn't you? Is there a benefit to having tenants with pets?

What will Sydney look like in the year 2056? Take a sneak peek…

Exciting new plans for Sydney’s future were unveiled today by the Greater Sydney Commission.

Newcastle: Harbour city hotspot

“Newcastle represents tremendous value and it’s hard to argue the excellent lifestyle that comes with it”

Flipping Property: Is this the goldmine it appears to be?

Is buying a property, renovating and reselling it as easy as it sounds?

Should we be worried about Trump's Presidency?

What effect will the change in administration in the USA have on Australia and our future economy?

Is your property manager performing?

Do you know just what your property manager should be doing for you?

Choosing a property

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Strategy Planning

Planning is the key to successful property portfolio growth. What does Philippe recommend?

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